50ml / 10oz

What product it is

HAIR-REACTIVATOR™ proprietary formula generates production of new hair cycle X3 faster than standard hair cycles via SMART SCALP™ technology.

Hair anagen growth phase is instantly activated upon application, with a prolonged period of reactive hair growth up to 78%.

AI-ACTIVATOR™ botanical-derived complex induces an anti-hairfall fortifying formulary that enhances skin permeation to allow maximum penetration of bio-actives.

AI-STIMULATOR™ supercharged complex ingredients reinforces hair follicles anchoring to further prevent hair loss & reverse damaged hair cells condition to be renewed.

Enhanced thickness of individual hair shaft achieved with increased hair density, evident upon regular usage.

Witness fuller, thicker & healthier hair and a downward decline in hair & scalp natural aging progression.

What it's good for

femto h2

ANTI-free radicaL

How to use

Step 1

Fill dropper to full & apply evenly on dry scalp.

Step 2

Evenly massage tonic onto
scalp with your

Step 3

apply daily for
best results.