300ml / 10.1oz

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What product it is

A rich conditioner that locks in moisture to strengthen the hair strands, protects against environmental damages and replenishes lost radiance.
Gives intense hydration to the hair and eliminates flyaways.
Infused with Vitamin E, F and P, Cashmere and AC Colorplex.
The ultimate ingredients for shiny, healthy and lustrous locks. Vitamin E, F and P gives the hair an ultimate energy boost.
The vitamins protect the scalp and repairs the hair from root to end.

The Cashmere protein gives the hair a luxurious and soft feeling and makes the hair manageable.
AC Colorplex is a complex made of melanin and the root of the Japanese Wasabi.
It contains an anti-fading agent that protects the hair from UV-rays and prevents the hair from fading or altering colour.

What it's good for


A lightweight, nourishing conditioner for dry, damaged hair.
The advanced formula restores the hair’s vitality without adding weight.
Leaves the hair smooth, polished and manageable.

Restores the hair from within
Intense nutrition
Creates smooth and polished hair

How to use

Step 1

Apply to towel dried hair.

Step 2

Massage softly and rinse thoroughly after 3 minutes.


Recommended to use with combination of Revitalizing Shampoo.
Enjoy the complete Revitalizing Care treatment to give your hair the ultimate energy boost. Use the Revitalizing Mask prior to using the Revitalizing Conditioner to lock all active ingredients.